Reassign a virtual device as a newly discovered physical device

I would like to begin creating the framework and apps for a new construction residence, but still a ways away from actually buying the devices or implementing the automation.

Is there a way to use virtual devices to create the device names and replicate functionality for RuleMaker rule creation, but then change those devices to actual physical devices at a later time? Or will I need to go into RuleMaker and reselect all the physical devices at that time?


I'm assuming you mean Rule Machine, though it's basically the same for any app: there is no platform-level "swap device" feature, so most of the time you'll have to manually edit your selections in the app to point to the new device instead.

That being said, the export/import feature may be of interest: when importing, you'll sometimes (always? I haven't used this much...)'get the option to choose a device to use instead of one the "original" app sepcified. I think it will look at device name for default matches, but you should be able to choose something else. So, this is a sort of workaround--if you think it's easier than just editing the Rule (or other app).

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Thank you!! (Yes, I incorrectly wrote "app" when I should have used "rule")

Rule Machine is an app, so that's not an issue. :slight_smile: Just wanted to make sure that was the actual app you meant (you'll see a variety of attempts when people--frequently--forget what "RM" stands for, haha).

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The "Clone Rule" tool does this as well. Each device in the trigger and actions can be substituted during the clone process.