ReArm after workers leave

How would you implement the following. My HSM admins and disarming is triggered by mode changes triggered by presence.


When contractor comes in (specific door code), disarm HSM and re-arm after the door closes again (i.e. not when they first come in and close the door behind them but when they depart)

Does the contractor lock the door when they leave?

If not, you could use wait for event door closed, after a delay from the initial one

He probably would just close. Can you explain how I make sure I catch the final door close and not the initial one (delay?’) also, how do I make sure I process this in the context of this event and not for every door close. Global variable?

How about something like this?
For trigger I would use door unlocked with his code. (sorry I don't have any smart door locks, but I believe you can do that)
The first elapsed time is to make sure you don't get the first time he enters. After those 10 minutes, it will wait until the door is closed again, then it will lock it.
What do you think?

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Oh, smart, I’ll try that, thank you.

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