Really dumb question...I am trying to integrate my Arlo doorbell

I have some threads talking about using hubconnect. This is only an option if I have a second hub like smartthings correct?

I am new to the hub world and jumped straight into hubitat, so I only have the one hub.

That’s correct, hubconnect does what it’s name suggests, it connects hubs (both Hubitat and smartthings) :slightly_smiling_face:. Integrations that work with smartthings can therefore indirectly be integrated with Hubitat, such as Arlo.

But it’s not possible to connect directly to Arlo with hubconnect.

You can actually set up a ST account without a hub (for now) and link it to Arlo, and then use HubConnect to expose it to HE.

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I have a ST account without a hub. If I need a smartthings hub eventually, wouldn't it make more sense to just go with ST instate of HE?

Your call, but I had ST for several years and decided that I was much better off with HE. Several people on here maintain speciality hubs for devices that don’t integrate well or are propriatary so not unusual to have multiple.

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Not really.

The Smartthings hub is almost entirely dependent on a functioning internet connection AND smartthings servers in the cloud.

While Hubitat has some cloud-dependent features, it’s light years ahead of ST in terms of what it can do locally.


The only thing you can use for automations with the door bell is it's motion detection. Which until recently that wasn't even available,

That's really all you can do use in ST as well. You will need hub connect and a ST account. I have a ST hub because I came over from ST. I only use the ST hub for the Arlo integration and my Leviosa shades. I have moved everything else off it. I have been happy with my decision

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