Ready to throw in the towel

I'm a long time user of ST. As we are all aware, ST started becoming really slow and down a lot. I searched and found HE. Local stuff... I like that so I made the switch this week. Setting up motion sensors, light switches was easy as in ST. Now it came to the more important part... Triggers and rules. Maybe I'm just not understanding this part but here it goes.

  1. I use LIfe 360 for Presence. I have 3 people in house. HE does see when we are home or away. I've setup when all are NOT present, set HSM to Arm/Away. Fantastic. This works as it should. Now it's time to add a few more to this. I setup a virtual switch called All lights off. When all are gone, HE sets to Arm/Away and Virtual Switch turns all lights off. This is also working great. Now I add my Lock. I'm telling system to Set HSM to Arm/Away, Turn off all lights, Lock door. Well this is where my problem starts. It will not lock the door. Well I should say, sometimes it does. What? yes sometimes.

  2. Dashboard: Not sure how well this works. Sometimes it shows a light is on when in fact it is not. When I hit the Virtual switch to turn all lights ON, all lights do turn on and it will show in Dashboard all are on. Hit the switch again to turn OFF all lights and most will show off. RIght now I have 14 lights. 2 are still showing on when they are off.

  3. Garage Lock (Shlage Connect) This lock was working perfect in ST. My new HE hub is in the same spot my ST hub was. The lock is about 10 feet away from HE Hub. If I manually tell HE to lock door. It takes a good 15 seconds to lock,,. sometimes. I would think this should be instant since it's local? Oh wait there more. From the dashboard I click on the Garage Lock. It's asks are you sure? I say YES. Now it's just saying Sending... This is just crazy stuff. Door does not get locked.

Ok so I kind of gave up on the dashboard and went straight in the Garage Lock device where I can also lock or unlock it. Current state is Unlocked. Click the lock option and....nothing. Am I loosing connection to this device? Is there anywhere in HE were it tells us if the device is connected and working?

Guys, I really like the fact the HE is local processing and don't want to move away. Seems like a great system if I can just get things to work correctly.

Support has been very responsive and I do appreciate all you guys for the help.

You are getting views but no responses. I've had that happen - it's upsetting, especially when you are already frustrated. But we really are here for you, the community is great.

I think you should chose one issue, start a thread, and hopefully the community can help you fix it, then move onto the next. Right now your post is a little daunting. But it reads like you have 2 issues. A lock (or 2?) that isn't working correctly and lights that aren't responding/reporting correctly.

I don't think I'll personally be much help on your actual issues, but here are my 2 cents, which you may have already tried these things.

I have had no issues with my locks, knock on wood, but the general consensus for a lot of lock issues seems to be to fully exclude them / delete them from your system and then repair with the lock and the hub right next to each other. Then return the devices to their final locations (this advice is only for locks). Make sure you can get the lock to always respond to lock / unlock commands from the device page before trying to add it to any automation. Then you'll know to focus on automation issues, not lock issues. That's all I know on locks unfortunately.

The lights - I think people will need to know more to help. Here's some general questions that might help people help you:

  • What type of lights?

  • Are they connected directly to HE or to another hub first?

  • Do the lights always respond to commands from HE? Or are they finicky / hit or miss? If the light doesn't respond to a command, likely HE will show the wrong state.

  • When they are showing the wrong state, what was the activity that caused the light to change state but HE not to recognize the change?

If the bulbs always respond, and you only control them through HE, the state should always be correct. But things can go wrong when you control them outside Hubitat. The light might not report to HE that it's state has changed.

That's all I got!


Unfortunately, I can't shed any light on the first two issues, but on the lock problem, I have the same model in two places, and I've found the Reliable Locks app by @jwetzel1492 to be a lifesaver with them. Given all of the knowledgeable folks around here, I'm hopeful that others can help get you fixed up. Best of luck!

I'm guessing that both your locks are Z-Wave locks? The reason I ask is (and I don't know why) that Z-Wave locks on HE seem to perform badly; Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and everyone seems to have varying degrees of success.

It frustrated me to the point of replacing my locks with Zigbee ones and I haven't had an issue since.

When you use the virtual switch, is always the same 2 not showing off or this is random?

Schlage Z-Wave locks seem to be hit or miss with their operation on HE. Mine (a BE469) paired without issue, but it repeatedly failed to report its lock/unlock status. This caused my lock based rules to not work. I even had similar issues when using this lock with previous Vera Plus and SmartThings hubs. I bit the bullet and just recently replaced it with a Kwikset zigbee (914) lock and have had zero issues ever since. I know it's not what you want to hear, but Schlage Z-Wave locks seem to really suck on HE.

In terms of your lighting, you most likely need to refresh or poll your switches/dimmers. It is a known quirk/issue of many Z-Wave switches/dimmers where they don't report back their status.
Try the built in polling app or create a rule in Rule Manager to poll or refresh you switches/dimmers.

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Regarding Schlage locks, I'm having the exact same issues as you describe here for 3 BE469 locks, and am in talks with @bobbyD about it. They worked flawlessly on Wink before migrating.

Here is my post in another thread you might find insighftul (but unlikely to resolve your issue): Schlage BE469NX connectivity issues / unreliable

Regarding dashboard: I really recommend the SharpTools dashboard. I find it to be much easier to use than the default Hubitat dashboard. Note - it requires cloud access, so there is a slight delay of 1-3 seconds, which so far has been identical to what I used to experience with the Wink app prior to migrating. You can set up a trial dashboard for free I believe, with SharpTools. It might be worth giving that a try to see if you prefer it, or it shows more accurate results.

In every other way I am MUCH happier with Hubitat than Wink. It's a great platform and the stuff that works is great. The lock issue is driving me bonkers though. I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet, but I understand your frustration.

I was using Actiontiles with ST. That worked great with not much of a delay at all. The HE dashboard is ok but just not fast enough. I heard we can use Actiontiles with HE but not sure in how to set that up.

Sharptools looks nice but $3 a month. NO. I know they have a free version but in handles 15 tiles.

Unfortunately, it's my understanding that ActionTiles (which is a great product, used it with ST), will not work with HE.
So, I bit the bullet and paid for the use of SharpTools. It's a great product and worth the $3 per month (primarily because it has a number of other features, in addition to being a dashboard). I believe that was 15 tiles per dashboard.
I also had issues with my Kwikset Zwave door lock. One of the keys (no pun intended) to better response is to have a "beaming" zwave plus device nearby. I also had issues with replacing the batteries constantly, so I got a Zwave Plus Kwikset lock. Now, no issues.

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Not exactly. If you have the smartapp code for the old version of smarttiles, that can be ported over to Hubitat. But that code is no longer available, and I believe the license does not allow for sharing it with others.

You can use HubConnect to push HE devices to ST and then add them to Actiontiles.


Same issues with Schlage ZWave locks. Sometimes it stops reporting the status, sometimes it doesn't react to commands.

Sounds like @jdntx's post above about the Reliable Locks app by @jwetzel1492 might be worth a solid look.

[UPDATE] I now have all working. Locks, light, motion sensors, Plugs and switches. Only thing left is my new Samsung TV.

I have a new Samsung NU8000 Smart TV. Does anyone know if we can include this within Hubitat? Just want it to turn on and off.


Search is your friend. I know the forums are exploding with conversations but there are two threads talking about TV integration. One of them specifically about Samsung. I personally have not read them and they could be nothing. If all else fails you could go the Harmony Hub route so you can control your entire home entertainment setup using the Logitech Harmony driver.