Ready. Set. Automate

Well I've just pulled the trigger folks. HE is ordered and so my journey (or descent into madness) through home automation begins.

I've been reading so much of what the community and staff have done to develop HE over the last couple of years and it is really impressive for a such a new product.

I'm looking forward to getting everything setup when I get my new home next month. Now to plan out stuff so that a low WAF doesn't scuttle the ship. Thanks everyone.



Welcome aboard. I can say this community had been awesome when I've had a question.

I'm certainly eager. Can't say as much for the wife. I think she is mostly worrying about the dollars that I'm likely to spend. :grin:

Mine never asks, but that can be bad too. She just gets pissed when I leave a test running and go to work for 15 hours lol