Reactor Rules Engine - anyone using it?

Now that Reactor Multi System supports Hubitat as well as Home Assistant, Vera and MQTT with OpenHAB and Homey to come I wondered if anyone is using it here and what their thoughts are? I think @LibraSun might be?

The original Reactor on Vera seemed well received and conceptually it's very appealing having one 'rules engine' on your network that can work with all your controllers at the same time but I've only taken it for a quick spin and would like to know how people are getting on with it in practice.

Conceptually it's a bit like NodeRed without the visual UI and the numerous plugins the latter has available. So suited to a more textual rules flow.

I love Reactor Multi-Hub so much that I want to marry it. "MSR" as we call it (for "Multi-System Reactor") runs on my Synology NAS inside an easy-to-maintain and -update Docker container. It single-handedly let me offload all my Vera processes (plug-ins, Scenes, Lua code, etc.) and automation logic, so I could finally ditch the Vera platform.

For a while, MSR served as the "brains" while Vera was still active doing the "brawn" part as a stand-alone Z-Wave radio with little else going on.

Once I purchase my Hubitat, I was able to progressively move 99% of my MSR workflow into Rule Machine 5.1 where it currently resides. Some of the more complex MSR rules either stayed on MSR or got transcoded into webCoRE on the HE. Others got abandoned because I had made them solely for testing purposes while MSR was actively being developed.

Now, I dare say that Reactor is pretty much in my rear-view mirror, but still running on the NAS just in case I think up some automation so hairy (or variable math so complex) that RM cannot easily handle it natively.

To anyone with multiple hubs active, Reactor is a no-brainer as a means of linking them all together via easy-to-learn rules. I love that its reactions and status updates are all realtime, as is the GUI, unlike so many parts of HE's clunky interface.

@toggledbits is a friggin' genius, and deserves all the donations his users can spare.


I have donated already as his response to feedback is so good. I have it working well with MQTT , HA and Hubitat. Config for MQTT is a bit awkward and it is re-igniting my hate of YAML.

I don't see it replacing the built in rules engines that individual controllers have. Those are always likely to be more tailored to the system and run locally to it but for me with an embarrassing plethora of controllers it seems ideal.


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