Reactor for Vera migration to RM help/challenge

I have a cabin that is a 500 mile drive for me. When we visit in the winter, I like to pre-warm the place during our drive over so it's not 32 degrees inside when we arrive. I know the furnace warms the place at an average of 4 degrees per hour. Within my Reactor for Vera, I wrote out a rule that would calculate the temp difference and determine how far in advance to turn the furnace on, based on the current temp within the cabin. I'm still new to HE and this is the last rule set I need to migrate over to RM. It's not the end of the world if I can't migrate this one, but it would have a cool factor if I could.

Reactor rules:


The ArrivalTime is what my ETA on arriving would be, converted to epoch.
The DeltaTemp is my ideal temperature upon arrival minus what the current temp is. (Which is updated every ten minutes.)
The StartHeating is the ArrivalTime minus the DeltaTemp divided by the 4 degrees per hour (with a plus 1 degree for safe measures.
Then the TimeToStart is all the calculations and what is the trigger to kick this all off, based on the Nest thermostat being Off or in ECO mode.

Is this possible to migrate over to RM? Or should I cut my loses and just remember to start the heating manually. (I have forgotten a couple of times and remembered half way there. 50ish degrees is still better than freezing.)

EDIT: Using the variable math I figured out how to get the DeltaTemp set. Using a CurrentTemp variable that updates when the Indoor Temp changes. But converting the ArrivalTime to epoch, or maybe just being able to use the Time Difference variable, I'm stuck on. Now sure how to set the StartHeatingTime based on the ArrivalTime minus the DeltaTime divided by 4 degrees per hour.

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I don't have the answer to your question, but I can tell you how I do it. I also have a similar situation, a cabin we go to periodically. The way I do it is to create a Goggle calendar entry for the morning of the day we go. HE then reads this entry and starts heating. If we than have to cancel the treip, I simply cancel the meeting.

I am obviously not concerned by the starting temp and I just schedule the meeting at an early enough time where I know it will be toasty when arriving. If I reach the set temp before I arrive, the radiator(s) simply idle.

For calendar search, I use this [RELEASE] Google Calendar Search


May be easier to use Delta temp to calculate the number of minutes needed and then set your HeatingStart as an offset of your ETA.

I have the Google Calendar as well and use that entry in conjunction with the door unlocking to turn off the cameras and change the house mode. And vice versa for when they leave. The door is locked and the calendar entry expires, turn the cameras on and change the house mode back. It may just be the easiest to set the calendar start time based on my time to leave my house and not the estimated time I'm arriving.

Aside from just using above calendar entry, this may be easier, if I ultimately keep my variable math and all. How did you set your variables up? ETA and etaOffSet. My ETA variable was a date, which didn't convert into any numbers. And based on my testing, looked like it only took the time into account and not the entire date and time together.

Might be over complicating this just because it was a fun thing to setup at that time.

ETA Date/Time
HeatStart Date/Time
etaOffset Number

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