Re: Region-Specific Categories

@bobbyD - wasn't able to reply to your announcement, so started a separate thread.

I know the world is divided politically right now, but how 'bout a "North America" group? Or a "United States" to go along with that Canada group you got there.



Thank you for your feedback. Many of our community members are from the US, so we didn't feel that was necessary to create a "North America" section. However, your idea of a specific group was great, and we have created a USA group, along with the other regional groups announced earlier. If you'd like to join the USA group, please follow this link:

So now perhaps there could an automatic translation for things like 3-way switching for US and Canada would become 2-Way for the rest of the world. So many possibilities. Maybe a way to mute a group so say you didn't like Australia you wouldn't see any of their posts :wink:

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Oh come now... You love us! You looooove us!


Yes, definitely. Never met a group of people more terrible than those folks from down under. Another shrimp on the barbie indeed! And Aussie rules football - don't even get me started.

:joy::joy: Only joking!!

Massive respect for the men in the baggy green :australia: :+1::+1:


Truly truly kidding. I just can't let an opportunity go by.
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Hmmm. Neither can I.
Rugby World Cup final on Saturday. :wink: