Re-Pairing Fibaro Dimmer 2

Trying to finish up my unplanned migration from a C-4 to a C-5 which has gone fairly well after figuring out that time syncing, then updating the C-5 was a good idea prior to restoring the backup. Also when Aeotec says to place the hub in pairing mode before doing anything to the sensor they mean it.

I'm down to my last two devices a pair of Fibaro Dimmer 2s. I have one other Dimmer 2, which in the same J Box as one of the problem devices, and it paired without issue.

Three presses of the B button fails to send either Dimmer into pairing and I'm placing the Hub in exclusion/inclusion mode before doing anything to the Fibaros. One device has had power removed via the breaker followed by pairing attempts. I've also tried resetting the Dimmers, but I'm unable to see the indicator light turn yellow. I see green, red, and something orange-ish.

I'm pretty close to giving up and replacing them, but the indicator lights do come on and the attached lights (Toggled Dimmable LED Tubes) have come on when pressing the B button.

How far from the hub are they? Is there a already joined device close?

Share your z-wave details page please.

Also 3 presses? Some reason I think the fibaros 1 is press does X and 3 presses does another thing. With the c-5 you have options of security which you don't with the c-7 for those devices. I wonder if its getting confused.

My C-5 is 30 - 40ft away, but I've since added a 3210-L Z-Wave Repeater (2 - Laundry - Repeater) that cuts the distance in half. I ran a Z-Wave Repair after adding the Repeater. A link to an image of my Z-Wave Details page is below.

Yes, 3 quick presses places the Dimmer 2 into pairing mode. This device also has a MENU system that is accessible via the B button.

Z-Wave Details

Working on the assumption that the Operating Manual lists the menu progression in order meaning that yellow comes after purple, I was able to finally reset the device as evidenced by the load calibration that occurred afterward. I was then able to pair one of the Dimmer 2s, I'll try the other soon.

Thanks @BorrisTheCat for being my sounding board.

The 'counting colors' method of finding the reset option on the Fibaro Dimmer 2 worked on both devices.

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