Re-architecting HA system plan sanity check

I'm taking the lemons that Wink dealt me and making proverbial lemonade from it. The HA landscape has changed significantly since I started out with Wink many moons ago, and this is the perfect time to re-examine the kludges/hacks/workarounds that I cobbled together over the years that can probably be done better now using newer technology.

My current system is built around Homebridge and many of its add-ons, including dummy switches, Alarm Decoder to our Honeywell remote-monitored alarm system and Wink for the Kidde smoke/CO detector and Z-Wave switch integrations. I'm using HomeKit for most of my automations, since Wink is limited in that department. I have 100% WAF for using Siri on our Apple Watches to do all of our voice controls, and rarely even open the Home app on a phone.

What I want to do is keep using Siri/HomeKit for the primary UI, since it works well for us and has never tried to order me a doll house like Alexa has done for others. :slight_smile:

I want to move all of the integrations from Homebridge onto my new HE hub, along with the HomeKit automations. Adios, Wink! The HE will be doing the heavy lifting, as the center of the HA system.

As discussed in another thread, I'm ditching the Kidde detectors and buying wireless Honeywells that connect directly to our alarm panel, which already has wired detectors and remote-monitoring to a central station. Would have done it years ago, but Honeywell's detectors were uber-expensive at the time.

I will set up a new and much simpler Homebridge for the primary UI, utilizing the Maker API integration and no other integrations running from Homebridge.

As an added bonus, I discovered and pre-ordered the holy grail of our home automation wants as part of my research thanks to Wink...the upcoming Inovelli single-wire ceiling fan/light controller! We have a single-wire ceiling fan/light in every room of our house, and I can finally automate our lighting and fans. (Is it here yet? Is there a HE app to monitor order shipments on Inovelli's web site?)

In summary, I plan to use the HE hub at the center with all of the integrations and automations there, integrated to the alarm system via Alarm Decoder for door/motion/fire notifications, and linked to a lighter Homebridge setup to expose the HE hub's controls to HomeKit for voice control. Does this sound like a reasonable plan?????