Re-Add Orphaned Zigbee Bulb

So it's like this...One of my Osram RGB Bulbs was acting up BADLY. It seemed like it's radio just died so I resigned to having it as a standard LED bulb I'd use on a standard lamp. I deleted the device from HE. Low and behold, it decided to start taking commands from rules it was part of...even though it doesn't show up in devices or in the rules themselves. Scanning for it with the Lightify Hub finds nothing which means it is still attached to HE somehow. Where Is It Mannnn?? HELP ME FIND MY BULB...he's out there all alone in the dark!! Do I need to delete it from somewhere else in HE and then re-add it? Scanning for it with HE right now comes up blanks so it definitely seems like HE still has a hold on it.

DISREGARD - I got it. I needed to reset the bulb first with this process: > Use your wall switch or manually unscrew the bulb to reset lamps or luminaires. Switch these ON for
> 3 seconds and OFF, 5 times in succession. After switching on again, the lamp flashes 3 times to
> confirm
Then HE found it again. Yayyyyy!!!