Raspberry Pi purchase recomendation for TTS


Still new to HE and i haven't purchase a RPi in a very long time. Does anyone have a recommendation on an what pre-confiigured Pi would be great for use with HE?

What are you trying to do? I see you mentioned TTS, but you don't need a Pi for that. It is something you can use for certain solutions (e.g., the community Alexa TTS app). You won't find one pre-configured for that (and it's so low-resource that any model should work), but you can probably follow a couple sets of instructions and get it going yourself--or just refresh the cookie yourself, manually as needed, or use a "native" TTS option that doesn't need this. Or maybe you had another idea in mind? This is just me guessing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back,

I wanted to use for it the google home assistant relay.

It's not at all an intensive program. Could run it on a RPi Zero W, but probably would be better off buying at least a RPi 3B+ since you'll have node.js running and that will allow you to easily add other very helpful apps.

But if you have an old laptop lying around, you could run it on that too. I run several node.js applications (one of them is Google Assistant Relay) on an old 2011 MacBook Pro. I run a virtual machine on that same Mac too. No problem. Power consumption is only 5 watts.

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for not much more than a pi 4 an Ikea Symfonisk would be a good option plus you get Sonos functionality as well.

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Just use a Google Mini. They make a great TTS device.

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:point_up: I agree 100%! :sunglasses: