RANT: Why can't I add Tradfri bulbs direct to the hub

I just bought a hub to update my bulbs only to find I need some sort of steering device (Tradfri button) to connect the bulbs. How stupid is that

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Agree. I have had the discussion with Ikea about that and is because they want people to be able to buy just a lamp and such steering device, not requiring a hub. I too find this a bit backwards...

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Yep and means I have to get my hands on a steering device to simply update my bulbs to prevent the flickering when on Hue. :S :S :S

I think you're describing the ZLL (zigbee lightlink) touchlink inclusion process. For someone that has a 3rd party hub and knows how to pair ZHA (zigbee home automation) devices, troubleshoot their mesh, etc, yes I suppose it's not that useful (never used any of these devices myself)?

But I believe it's meant to simplify the process of expanding one's network of zigbee devices for consumers that aren't home automation enthusiasts, and don't need/want to expand beyond what a brand like IKEA is offering.

I remember having been able to pair them by putting them in pairing mode by turning on and off the lightbulbs 6+ times with the IKEA gateway very close. That might have been a few firmware revisions ago though.

You can update them if you have a conbee and deCONZ without a steering device, and use the firmware direct from Ikea.
That said, it was much easier with their own hub.

The FW URLs are within this json file.

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Looks like I'll be going back to IKEA. Fortunately I am over that way later today. @Royski just so I don't need to make more visits can I use their wireless dimmer as a steering device?

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You can mate, far cheaper than their buttons.

Where are you BTW, I have some spare?

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Over in Leicester-Uk

Ah bummer, I'm West Mids. Bit too far I guess.

Yeah no bother I'm over Nottingham later so I'll take a detour

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@Shaneb +1 on this from markus..
When i bought a 3 bulb + IKEA hub combo pack nearly 2 years ago, you didn't need a device to join or pair..? And it worked flawlessly..
Seems like an odd thing to change..?!?

It's the same for the Trådfri plugs. You need a steering device to connect to the Ikea hub. I ended up returning the hub and giving up on updating the plugs, even though I suspect the update would help with routing.

The 2 devices I wanted to update don't have any updated firmware :joy:

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+2 I have 2 tradfri a19 bulbs, and 2 plugs connected to my HE no problem.
Did something change? Now they force you to but another device or is that just in UK?
I returned the plugs due to them dropping off mesh. Love that 1 year return policy

PS-anyone updated the firmware on the Tradfri repeater? and notice possibly better signal strength??

Nothing changed, I was just moving them to Hue and there were issues with some bulbs where they would flash on and off occasionally, seems to be resolved now