Randomly Offline

Have had my hub installed for a few months. Every so often it appears to go “offline” and the only way to resolve is a power cycle. What troubleshooting steps can I follow to fix?

During this apparent “offline” I can’t connect to it via my browser as I get a time out result. I can go to the link to locate it on my network but can’t access it.

What color is the led when it's locked? Have you tried getting to yourhubip:8081 when that happens? What platform are you on.

Do restore of the previous day's backup. That will make sure a cleaned database is installed and you don't have any corruption.

I can navigate to the diagnostic page and remotely reboot, but can’t access the normal page during this time and devices go offline. This has been happening more than usual lately, nothing has changed on my network.

Not that I can help, but how do you remotely reboot?
Just reboot the hub, or remotely shutdown and then power cycle?

In the diagnostic interface there is a reboot button. I also have just unplugged the device and plugged it back in before.

Either fixes the problem.

Use the Reboot button. The unplug/re-plug method (without a previously performed shutdown) can corrupt the hub’s database, further exacerbating any problems.


Thanks, will do that going forward, but wish I wouldn’t have to do it all.

FWIW, I’ve only rebooted my C-5, C-7, and C-8 hubs for platform updates for the last 3+ years.

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Thanks. This thing is only a few months old. Not sure how I resolve this issue

Make sure you have healthy zwave and zigbee mesh networks. And make your rules as simple as possible. Rules are free. Making many simple rules is way more efficient than fewer complex ones.

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I only have 5 zooz switches. Everything is done via homekit.

Happened again, is there any other support channel or troubleshooting for this?

@support_team should be able to help.