Random Not Present Then Present Events for Phone

Over the last few days I have had 3-4 situations where my Android phone (Pixel 2XL) will send a Not Present Geo Location Event, shortly followed by a Present Event maybe 1 minute later. This causes my house to move into Away Mode and then back to whatever mode is most relevant. Has anyone else seen this or can help?

This morning this did coincide with me starting my phone up after the battery ran flat overnight, however this was not the case for instances of the issue yesterday evening.

I have checked the usual suspects and battery optimisation for my phone and the Hubitat App are all turned off.

My phone has have been connected to the same HE hub throughout this period and in the days prior, a C-7 running since the 24th Jan, now almost exactly 3 days ago.

Looking in the Debug Information section on my phone on the Settings Tab it does talk about retries for GeoLocation Events due to an error, which I don't see in older debug log entries. Not sure if that is helpful or relevant... I can post the logs if needed.

I have checked and there are no updates available for the Hubitat mobile App on my phone, it is running 1.6.12


This happened again about 10 minutes ago. Will start by trying to connect to a different HE hub, though am not expecting that will be the issue. Am now connected to a C-7 hub running the latest beta platform release.

Next step will be to put alternative measures in place for presence to try and avoid the issue, i.e. some kind of combined presence setup.

Fyi.... This has happened about 3-4 times in the last half hour, even after upgrading all my hubs now to the latest platform release. I've turned off geofencing for now. I definitely need to look at some alternative / combined presence options

I suspect it is on my phone, I've still seen issues after disabling geofencing on the HE app, but I also use Life360, which I expect may be causing my most recent issues. I have disabled the two arrive / leaving home rules for now, while I work this out.

I'm expecting the notifications I keep ignoring about location services access on my phone are likely to be playing a part :slight_smile:

If the blips are really a minute or two long what about just changing your rules to "presence leaves and stays that way for X min"? Doesn't work that well for arriving rules.

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I had issues with HE's presence not updating and had to use Locative instead which has been working fine. I'd forgotten that I also had Life 360 setup so could've used that. However I've noticed in the last week or two, since it came back online after the global outage, that Life 360 also seems to be hit and miss all of a sudden. I'm seeing long delays in the app reporting 'arrived'. It used to always update immediately as we entered the geofence (about 300m diameter) but I was in the house yesterday before it changed.

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