Random loss of time based events in this rule machine rule after update to

After upgrading two days ago for one site this rule that has been working well for months stopped working properly. 2 to the 3 events are Sunrise/Sunset rules. Last night the sunset rule didn't fire and the previous day the sunrise rule didn't fire.

When checking the scheduled tasks for the rules before the sunrise event only see the sunset and 10:00 pm event scheduled. I can see the handler has been scribed to but nothing in the scheduler:

I use the Mode Manager app and it works great for me. You might try it instead of RM for this.

I set DAY via Alexa and a there when I say "I'm up" which is what the last part of that rule is doing.

I stopped using mode manager months ago at this location due it didn't work when the C7 first came out and replace their SmartThings. Only Rule Machine was working and was humming just fine. Made the trip to the client site to install 4 new switches and do the update to Hubitat for the Z-Wave stability and now this happens.

I may have to have it stew for a couple of more days.

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