Ramp up light level

Trying to have a ZOOZ Dimmer ramp up to a set level over 6 seconds so its not instant on using rule machine. Can have the lights ramp down over 6 seconds no problem. Not sure what the trick is as I do not see anything that will do this

How are you doing this? It should be possible using the "Set Level" command by specifying a transition time (and, of course, the desired level). You can play around with this on the device page to see if it works: fill in values for the level and transition time, then hit the "Set Level" button to actually run the command. See what works for you. If it doesn't work there, that's odd--but it's something with the device or driver, so it won't work from any app (including Rule Machine), either.

If that does work, the "Set Level" command can be run using the Set Dimmers and Bulbs > Set Dimmer Level action (and specifying the desired level and fade, using the same values as you did when testing). If that doesn't work, Rule Machine has an in-app feature that can simulate a similar effect, using the "Fade dimmer level over time" action (which you can find under that same action category/menu). I'd really only suggest that for what I think was its intended use--longer fades where it exceeds what you can do with "Set Level", like minutes (which some bulbs/dimmers can really still do) or hours--but it would technically work regardless, so it's something you can try if nothing else works.

Yeah I have tried the Set Level and it just goes directly to the level set and not a slow 6 second ramp up. Same with the other options so has to be something else where it's not compatible.

thanks for the input

Just an FYI, reached out to Zooz and after some back an forth they indicate it will need a firmware update to fix. So ..... someday

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