Rachio Integration App

I am wondering something, if I am using the Rachio phone App to control the valves do I need the built-in Rachio Integration App as well? Is the dashboard the only thing affected by not having the built-in app? Thanks

Also, does anyone know what this error means?
app:2962023-07-16 12:25:24.647 PMerrorwebhookHttp Error:null

Is this the error above. It is in the opening page of the Rachio Integration App.


Not unless you want to control anything via Hubitat. I have a Rachio controller and don't see a need to have it integrated with Hubitat.

Thanks for the reply. I kind of thought there was no need unless you wanted to see the valves in the dashboard but I don't see a need because the app tells you. Plus the app sends a message to your phone when the watering starts and stops. So all is good.

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The only reason I did it for awhile was to turn on the sprinklers when neighbor kids cut through our yard. Did I say that out loud? :wink:

I have since disabled it because it really is an unnecessary integration. Except for that kid thing.

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