Rachio Hubitat integration - why?

I love my Rachio sprinkler controller!

This is my second installation at a new house replacing an ancient Rainbird.

I saw the Hubitat app for Rachio and I just couldn't resist. It installed and connected perfectly.

I just can't think of anything to do with the integration.

Turn on the sprinkler when a neighbor strays onto my yard with a dog per security camera and AI dog recognition?

What else?



Get a weather station with a rain sensor. That way it's additional conditional control outside of rachio's cloud based weather control. Also there may be other off schedule conditions like setting up for a party or using moisture sensors throughout that you want additional triggered watering times... (just my thoughts)

Arizona Winter we plant winter grass. I have a winter grass switch that changes the mode from auto to watering 4 times a day to get the seed to sprout.

Thank you.

I love that Rachio checks the weather on the internet and will skip watering if it going to rain TOMORROW!

Also, there is very robust customization for soil type, slope, vegetation, etc. per zone so soil moisture issues can be resolved.

Pauses are easy with the Rachio app.

I sound like a commercial but I'm just a happy user.

Do you do that with the Hubitat app rather than "Schedules" in the Rachio app?

OK. If someone wanted 100% local control of the Rachio that might be a reason.

Yeah, I think it's just to prepare for a world where the Rachio cloud service disappears one day (I assume the Hubitat integration works locally and doesn't depend on the cloud).

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yeah, I only need it for 2-3 weeks and then I go back to auto schedule. When I first started with my Raccio it didn't support running 4 times in 1 day.

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I've talked to @JustinL about allowing us to rename the zones from "Rachio - Zone 1" to just "Zone 1". Then I can easily tell Alexa to water a particular zone if needed.

That said, your idea of the stray dog reminds me of the guy by my parents' house that had a motion detector connected to a lone sprinkler that would turn on anytime anyone walked in front of his house. I also had friend who lived near an area that had regular firework displays, and he came home one day to find people sitting in folding chairs on his front lawn! That would be a GREAT reason to tell Alexa to "turn on Zone 1". :smiley:

That said, my wife is loving our new Rachio with weather delays. We get high winds once in awhile, and it's turned off the watering on those days without us having to lift a finger. :+1:

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you could get some soil moisture sensors and use that as a trigger to activate watering

you can rename anything in the Alexa App, and Alexa will acknowledge the name change

No, the Rachio app forces them back to the original names. Try it and see.

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One thing that comes to mind. If you have any sort of automation that will close windows / garage doors, I could see an integration allowing the Rachio to effectively announce that is it about to water, close the windows and garage doors, wait until that is done, and then start watering...

Centralized reporting.

Tie it into alert actions in security and drench intruders as they flee.

I'm sure there are other reasons to do the integration, and to avoid the integration...

I'm still using battery operated Orbit timers so I am a long ways off of going Rachio at this time.

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that stinks. i don't have a rachio, but do enjoy being able to remove certain words in alexa to make my voice commands more fluid

He said he'd fix it in the next update. Should be an easy fix. :slight_smile:


Crap...I actually read every word this time. You're right! I didn't think of that.


Nope.....forgot.....I tried that before, and I couldn't even rename them in the app.

Ha, just happened to see this as you typed it. Does this mean you don't need that change anymore?

Actually, I just tried it, and remembered that I tried it before and it didn't work. When I hit the Settings cog, the screen goes blank. Never seen that before.

I have a button near by back door (It's my easiest trigger...). a quick double tap of that after my dog does his business and comes in, and the back yard gets a couple minutes of water to neutralize the urine. you could certainly use another trigger but that way I know for sure that it's not going to get triggered and blast the wife or visitors.

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I still laugh at @lewis.heidrick’s post about turning on his sprinkler when a certain neighbor tries to allow her dog to take a deuce by his truck :joy:


I use Rachio together with Flume to check for leaks or broken sprinklers. Whenever Rachio is watering, a rule compares the water usage for the last minute as reported by Flume against the normal water use of that zone.

To determine the normal water use I had to measure once for every zone by simply running the sprinklers and checking Flume's history.


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