Rachio Debug Option

It would be nice if we could turn off DEBUG logging in the Rachio app.

I second this... actually I brought it up a while ago. :slight_smile:


@bravenel Hey Bruce, not sure if this is yours or not... but can we get an option to turn off logging? Actually, for ALL built-in apps, that would be nice.

It's done app by app. Which app are you having a problem with? And, why do you want to turn it all off. It's there for a purpose. And, it doesn't represent a significant load on your hub.

IFTTT has debug level logging on.

Zone Motion Controllers throws warning entries anytime subscribed sensors go active or inactive.

Rachio throws multiple entries every 5 minutes when it checks in.

Ended up here by search. I do think it would be nice to have the ability to silence log information from Rachio that amounts to a heartbeat and no new activity.

The status quo would be like a motion detector logging every 15 minutes to say, "nothing is happening over here."

Of course, this is a very unimportant nitpick...

This will be available in platform 2.1.4.

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Which part? Rachio or also IFTTT and Zone Motion Controllers?

all of the above


I see they were done. Interesting they were added as "disable debug logging" vs "enable debug logging" as it is on most devices. Any reason for the reverse logic?

Also, after turning it on in Rachio I get log errors:
app:2932019-08-22 10:55:39.079 am errorwebhookHttp Error:null

app:2932019-08-22 10:55:37.735 am traceRachio Integration | initialized...

app:2932019-08-22 10:55:37.731 am debugRachio Integration | Updated with settings: [sprinklers:487e33ab-a896-48c5-ab42-7b9d82bed633, selectedZones:[fde6b8e1-057b-4171-80b6-7bf1c55f03c3, c88dd232-ac25-41d0-bd8e-a4ebc49b15f6, 5a7ac9d1-218a-41fd-afb1-4ffac4416672, 08909575-0b9f-420d-a269-1d7d6f997319, 108b85e4-eb66-4e6a-929e-34d5013d50fe], pauseInStandby:true, defaultZoneTime:10, disableDebugLogs:true]

Same happens if I turn it back off - basically hitting Done on the Rachio app is throwing these errors.

Thank you, by the way... should have led with that :wink:

I am seeing the same. Also curious as to why the reverse logic as well.

because it was on before, if I had done it the other way, users that were used to this logging would be asking questions about where their logging went...

That's fair. But what is the webhookHttp Error:null all about?

that would be a legit error, not very helpful though is it...

Can we get it added to Hubitat Simple Lighting as well?

Rachio "Disable Debug Logging" is not working - I have it turned on and the app is logging.