Rachio Attributes Changeable?

The Rachio integration setup was straightforward but I can't find a way to change some of the attributes on the dashboard.
I can select the Rachio controller and an attribute such as Standby and see that standby mode is turned on. But how do I get to that next step and be able to toggle that off and on?


Attributes are read-only on the dashboard if you picked the attribute template. If you want to control something you have to choose a different tile type (like switch) and then it will give you the ability to call the associated commands to switch (like on and off). What commands are available and what tiles you can use is dependent on what capabilities the device has.

I don't have this device so I'm not certain what you would choose but other sprinkler devices (like the one I built) implement the valve capability so you can use the valve tile template to control sprinkler stations. So...

Go to you edit device page and look at the commands buttons available. Either determine what tile you need based on that or paste a screenshot of it here and somebody (or I if I see it) can tell you what tile it likely is.

Thanks for the reply.
The problem is if I pick another tile type (I have tried) how do I associate it to the command? - I am not seeing that linkage. I do see them all in the attributes, which is why I tried that route. But not with any other tile type

The device page shows several commands available. And I can push the buttons there and they work for example I can turn Standby on and off (what I hope to do). But, nothing in the dashboard seems connected to that.

It appears that those are non-standard commands so they don't have templates. This makes it a bit trickier. Does the device happen to create child devices that are switches for you?

If not, you can create a virtual switch device on your own. Then you can add the virtual switch device to the dashboard with whatever name you want and the switch template. After that you need to create a rule using Rule Machine. In rule machine you are going to use the virtual switch you created as a trigger. In the actions, you are going to choose the sprinkler controller (probably using the actuator capability) and then you are going to run a custom action. This will let you choose those custom, non-capability commands.

So, when the virtual switch is turned on the rule starts and runs the command on the controller. Then you control the virtual switch from the dashboard.

Are there no other devices? If not, we should ask Mike Maxwell to implement the valve capability on the device so you can use that template.

Thanks again. That gets me closer. But, I am still missing something.
I created a virtual switch I can assign that to a button on the dashboard.

I started a rule which used that button as a trigger. But then I don't see how to proceed. It says to define the actions. But I don't see any options for that. I can create a local variable, but that doesnt seem to get me to a place that allows me to tie things together either.

I feel like it should be here that I should be able to give actions to the toggled states of the button.

Button is tricky because it doesn't actually have states and in the mind of the HE developers can't be used as a trigger for the most part. You have two choices.

  • If you want to keep the button for the trigger type change it from "Button" to "Button Device". This essentially opens up Rule Machine to act like the "Button Controllers" app. Actions will be easier to setup from there. I'm not sure if they actually made the button controller to allow for custom actions yet though. This may be a dead end.

  • Change the virtual device to be a switch instead of a button. Then when you choose a trigger it will be the switch capability. For actions you will go to the "Set Mode or Variables, Run Custom Actions" option and then choose "Run Custom Action" on the submenu. From that point I don't know which capabilities the device supports but you can usually "fool" the selector into letting you pick anything by picking "Actuator".

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