Rachio 2 or 3

Hey all,

About to invest in an 8 zone irrigation system for our yard. I am heavily leaning toward Rachio but not sure if I should invest in version 2 or 3. The reason I am hesitant is can the Rachio 2 connect to HE and using the a custom app could I achieve what the Rachio 3 does for watering based on weather?

Thoughts from anyone with either system?

To be honest I see no benefit of using Rachio within HE.

The unit works fine on its own. Set it up and forget it.


Have to agree. I have the Rachio 3 and its integrated but I don't think I even use it.

If I need to run anything I just use the Rachio app.

I have seen some specific uses where they had a zone go off if motion was detected to deter animals in their garden.

You pretty much set and forget the Rachio system.

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I have to agree with the previous responses. The Rachio is a set and forget for me as well. I'd integrated one of my two, but ended up removing it as I really had no need. I went with the 3, and have them integrated with my weather station.

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Well I have a very specific need for it paired to Hubitat. I have a well and an 80 gallon pressure tank. When one of my leak sensors goes off the well shuts off and one of my Rachio zones opens up to drain all of the water from the pressure tank to keep it from flowing into my house.

There are other use cases if you need to open a zone with motion for pesky critters. You have to use your imagination.

To the op's question, I have a 16 zone version 3 and it has been perfect. I have it watching my Netatmo weather station. That can be done with the version 2 also. I just got version 3 for no other reason than it was newer and I figured it would be supported longer.


I got to agree with the majority. You're better off just using the Rachio app and not Hubitat.
Rachio really is set it and forget it and if you need to turn on a zone manually, their app is great. I even have it working with Alexa , but seldom use it with her. As far as version 2 or 3, i have had version 2 for the last 3 years and love it. If your not planning on adding a flow valve sensor then save your money and buy version 2. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!

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I have a Rain Machine, and I'd love to have it "Pause" when I open the back door (or use a scene from an Inovelli switch) to let the dog out into the back yard.

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Appreciate the responses! V3 has been ordered.

Yep, I don't use Hubitat to control my Rachio 3 (which I upgraded from my older Rachio 1), more just for status updates. I have a z-wave valve controller on the line that feeds my irrigation system, and use it to keep the water off when the system is not watering. So really all I need to know is, if the system is watering or not. Watering = open the valve, not watering = wait ~10 minutes then close the valve.

One use case for integration that I am working towards for my Hunter Hydrawise is for my smart home dashboard to show me:
(1) when the last run was and if/how duration was adjusted by weather (e.g., reduced run duration due to low temp)
(2) when the next run will be and if/how duration will be adjusted by weather
(3) if Hydrawise has skipped or will skip an originally scheduled run due to weather

I'm envisioning waking up and seeing that my irrigation system didn't run like it usually does on a Tuesday morning, and wondering whether it was a glitch. This way, I can know that it didn't run because of a reason, e.g., 1 inch rainfall already this week, rain forecasted today, etc.

Would Rachio integration allow this sort of informational feature?

Nope, but you can accomplish this by setting up the Rachio app to send you push notifications.