Quirky Overflow Water Sensor

After porting over from Wink, I was stuck with an annoying Quirky Overflow water sensor that would only identify as a generic contact sensor. While this was workable, it makes the HSM require a custom device, and it was constantly getting disarmed....blah blah blah.

Long story short, I grabbed the driver code from the
ST community forums (quirky-overflow/18359/34) and modified it so that it works with HE. Is it reasonable to post the updated code here? Is there a better way to go about making this available to others?

The sub-category "Code Share" under the category "Developers" would be a good place to share it. Some of the previous posts in that sub-category will provide some indication of how you may wish to frame your post.


I have an overflow as well and have been struggling with it as a contact sensor. Have you posted your modified code anywhere yet?

I haven't yet, but thanks for the reminder. I'll try to do it this evening.

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