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"The offender" was the mesh? Or was it a device or integration or ____?

Are we playing a game of Hangman? :smile:


:grinning: Only @bjcowles knows for sure.

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It was the mesh itself. That 29 days of good uptime on my C-8 had everything from two other hubs on it. 30 hours ago, I re-enabled Hub Mesh and am sharing a single motion sensor from a C-3 to the C-8 and freeMemory is already down over 100MB.

My freeMemory problems started around the time the Hub Mesh protocol was changed from UDP to TCP. Maybe the hubs don't like that? Maybe my home network doesn't like that? I wish I had the skills to troubleshoot and articulate better .

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Interesting. Again, a peek under the hood in the JVM to see what is eating memory would help. Then we could report to HE where the problems lie. Something like https://visualvm.github.io


That's interesting.

In my case I moved my LAN stuff to a C7 and use Hub Mesh to share my Kasa, SwitchBot, and ESPHome devices to my C8 (all my rules are on the C8)

My C7, C8, and SmartThings hubs are all connected to a D-Link 5-port switch which is connected to the ISP supplied router/IP TV device (Home Hub 3000).

Splitting the load and using Hub Mesh solved the memory issues I was having on my C8.

Prior to splitting it up, memory had dropped to around 200k after about 2 weeks of uptime.

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I probably get about 2.5-3 weeks at the moment. Needed to restart mine today after 18-21 days.

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Looks like it's not a major update coming

  1. There is nothing to read into or not in release numbers.
  2. What is major / minor can be very subjective.
  3. 2.3.5 introduced the C-8 and radio migration; was that major?

Seriously, we just bump the number each time pretty much irrespective on planned or actual content in a release.


Well, that's no fun.

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As long as you don't name it Hubitat Vista... :joy:


Hubitat Me?
Hubitat NT 4.0?


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Well, I can think of a worse idea for the next release...


All that's true. But it doesn't change his request that we should have better diagnostics and not have to do random troubleshooting by turning things off.

I think his request is 100% on the mark.

For now though, doing it the way you described is the right, and really only, way it can be done.


Thought I would post an update. I migrated from my C-7 to the C-8 I have had since they first shipped. Had a few hiccups getting LAN and Cloud based integrations going but nothing too daunting. After the initial issues the C-8 has been up just shy of 4 days. For the last couple of months I couldn't get past 3 days before running out of memory. I'm sitting at 285 MB of free memory. So, something in the migration process seems to have corrected some issue. Other observations: Everything is a bit faster. Loading pages, dashboards etc. Editing Rules. Just snappier all around. I know that none of this should be true but that's my observation none the less. The C-8 seems to run about 6-7 degrees hotter than the C-7. Radio changes? And, now the hub can see all but two Z-Wave devices directly. So the 800 radio + external antennas are a huge improvement. I'm impressed. We'll see if I need to off-load anything to the now freed up C-7.

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I believe there may be some differences in the Java Virtual Machine between the C-7 and the C-8. Perhaps that explains some of the performance changes you're observing?

Glad to hear you're seeing the benefits of the new Z-Wave radio and the external antennas.


Disable any lan/cloud integrations and wait. If things are ok, re enable one by one. It's painful but likely it's one of those.

Things are ok now as far as I’m concerned. Everything is enabled.

There is no doubt there is some kind of difference between them in the Java Environment. I had a few strange things happen in the Govee Integration app that worked fine on the C7 and earlier but had a strange character conversions occuring on my C8 when i first got it. Ultimately i think that was a problem with my code and the C8 just wasn't handled it differently. I think it may have upgraded modules or classes in some cases that are more efficient.

@rlithgow1 is spot on about turning off or disabling LAN/Cloud integrations to help deal diagnose High CPU Usage. LAN Devices can be ruff on the hubs. I have a few Air Gradient Air Quality Sensors. I created a custom driver for it and then updated the Sketch to talk into HE. The initial code from the creator works great, but wants to publish data every 10 seconds. Just letting that LAN Device update one device every 10 seconds was ruff on the Hub. I adjusted it to 60 seconds so once every min and it still has caused elevated load, but not nearly as bad.