Quick Demo of Lutron Pico and Hue Groups, All Local Connections

Here's a quick demo of using a Pico remote, paired to the Lutron Smart Hub Pro, integrated into Hubitat using the built in Lutron Integration App, which is then wired up to another built in App, Button Controller which then maps the buttons to commands that are then sent to a Hue Hub, to a group of bulbs.

This is 100% local, almost near real time. Just a hint of the speed and reliability a 100% local home automation solution can do.


Looks excellent. I have set this up on ST via a Node.js server between the Caséta Pro bridge, with the help of Advance Button Controller by @stephack (sounds like he’s working on porting that over too).

The obvious problem, not local. So we can replace the Node.js server with Hubitat, but can we only control scenes or can we also control individual bulbs and devices at this point? You mention “a Pico remote, with a Lutron device”. Are you referring to the Pro bridge as the “device” or do we need an actual Lutron switch or dimmer to be part of the group in order to trigger Zigbee bulbs with a Pico?

Do we have the flexibility yet for Pico press and hold to trigger devices or scenes, in addition to press? Lastly, is the integration direct Zigbee control of the Hue Bulbs or is that functioning Hue Bridge integration you’re showing?

Port completed

This integration is fantastic. The picos are added as button devices natively and can control non Lutron devices (scenes and routines are not yet available as far as I know). The response time is near instant. I have not tested the hold option but I believe it supposed to be functional. I will test when I get home and let you know.

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The built-in button controller gives push and hold commands for pico controllers. Stephack’s ABC is more robust if you need further customization.


Excellent! Going to cost $150 CAD to get one to Toronto unfortunately.

Yep. Worth it though. The Lutron integration is so speedy, and they’re quick to help with issues.

Wonder how they ship to Canada? Hopefully not UPS or I’ll get an extra helping of customs charges and bs handling fees that I often don’t get with USPS/Canada Post

It was USPS/Canada Post to me in BC. $25cad in tax/customs charges.

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Port completed

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Try this link Advanced Button Controller (ABC) I think the thread name changed causing the link to be broken… I can’t access the old link either.

Works for me

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What is the advantage of getting Lutron Pico switches and associated bridge, compared with just buying Z-Wave switches?

Note, I would have asked this in the Smart Switches thread at communityDOThubitatDOTcom/t/smart-switches/1928 but for some reason I can't respond to anything in the Devices category. Must be some permissions error due to having a new forum account. Cant put in url links either it appears.

See this post and read from there. A lot of explanation has gone on in that thread, but from that point down is the "meat" of the explanation of them.

Thanks. But that is the Smart Switches thread that I was referring to, that I don't have permissions to post in.

I have read the whole thread, but perhaps I'm a bit slow :blush:. I still don't understand what the advantage of a Pico is compared to a z-wave alternative, like for example the Aeotec WallSwipe, Aeotec NanoMote, or NodOn Z-Wave Octan Remote. Just a couple of the one's I was looking at.


Oh that's easy!! Size!

Pico's are literally the same size as the paddle of a paddle switch and fit inside the same hole in the cover plate. Stack 5 quarters in a pile, that's the thickness of a Pico! They are light, have superb battery life, and mount in many ways, via a built in mount slot.

I have two Aeotec WallMotes and they are nice enough, but are quite big in comparison and look out of place if mounted near a regular paddle switch.

You've seen this pic before, right?

Just stick the Pico onto the wallboard and put a 3 gang Decora cover plate and you'd swear it was a 3 gang box behind it.


Pico's also are solid radio devices and that 10 year battery is awesome. The pedestal stand for them are nice too. The wall Mount option in existing gang boxes is great.