Quibino Flush 1D, Gate controller Normally Open etc

So for a few years now i've had the Flush 1D connected to my Rigel5 gate controller on the push button operation part.

It basically triggers exactly what the remote does which is the open, stay open for a few minutes and close sequence.

Generally fine except a lot of the time you want to lock the gates open and there's no smooth way to do that with z-wave as it requires precise precesses with the button.

There is however two other contacts on the gate. An Open Push Button (NO) and a Close Push Button (NO).

The Flush 1D Relay only has one dry contact output. I've connected it to the Open Push Button and turned it on, the gates open as you'd expect. It actually opens fully - it sort of triggers the full gate opening (eg you can't just press it for a second and open a little bit, which is fine) - however when you turn it off the gate closes itself after the set amount of time for the auto trigger period above.

Ok so one relay will allow me to open and close the gate - I just set the button on when I want to lock it open and when I turn it off, after a few minutes it will close itself.

However - is there anyway I can wire the Flush 1D so that when I turn it off, it actually triggers the Close Push Button contact to start the close procedure instantly without needing to buy another Quibino Relay for it?

The contacts on the controller are 30 and 31 for Open and 30 and 32 for close - both are normally open.

Am I wrong in thing if I wire up the open at NO on the relay and then reverse wire the close (30 and 32) would it send a the right signal to the close terminal?

I'm assuming i'm wrong and whilst there's a Q1 in and a Q1 out on the relay - the polarity is irrelevant with normally open as all you're doing is bridging the connections right? So If i reverse it and put it on close button all i'm doing is close the connection on both and just cancelling it out.

No way to do this without another relay I guess?

The Flush 1D is a SPST relay I don't see any way to do it, if it were a DPDT(see below), then you could, which is essentially another contact. How you wire the flush 1d relay is irrelevant it's just a open close contact.

flush 1d


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It would be worth a try to hook 31 and 32 together and see if the gate controller know whether it is open or closed. Possible that it would work.

It was definitely NO - just a piece of wire between 30 and 32 was enough to trigger "close".

Interestingly it triggers OPEN and CLOSE on the unit itself when you bridge either one and they stays displaying that until you open the contact again - but as mentioned above it does just trigger the fase, so you can momentarily trigger open in a split second and it will fully open the gates - you can of course trigger close to interupt that and close them though.

In the end I dug out the old MIMOLite relay I had - it's not Z Wave Plus but it is wired up right next to the Quibino so that should help it (possibly)

Even though it just triggers the opening phase you still need to keep the contact closed to keep the gate open or it'll eventually close on it's own. So with programming it's a case of making a virtual garage door switch - telling it open triggers the Quibino on - and then closing triggers the Qubino off and momentarily triggers the Mimolite for close.

Seems to work pretty well at the minute in testing - so long as you don't go crazy trying to open/close quickly multiple times.