Questions about Baseboard heater thermostat and how to make Hubitat do what I want!

I have a garage heater that uses a normal baseboard thermostat. I am going to get a new smart stat ordered so first off I am looking for recommendations. I am thinking the stelpro ZWave or Zigbee ones will do the job but I am open to suggestions.

My real question is if hubitat can operate the way I really would like it to. This is a garage that I only heat on the weekends and then only some times so no normal schedule will work for me.

First I want to be able to tell Alexa to turn the garage heat on/off and set the temp. Pretty sure that will all work with Hubitat. What I really want is to tell alexa (or a hubitat button) to "turn the heater on tomorrow at 6am" the night before. That way by the time I get going in the morning its already warm. Can anyone suggest a way to accomplish that without having to mess with a scheduler every time?

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