Question regarding a homemade siren for use in HSM

Hi Everyone. I'm new to hubitat, got rid of my Wink (good riddance) and I am in the process of setting up a home alarm system using HSM. Got myself plenty of sensors, and Iris v3 keypad and everything I should need to get going.
My question is this... I made a siren for my garage using a 12v powered siren connected to a power supply that converts 120v AC to 12V DC and I have that plugged into a generic zigbee outlet. I can turn the siren on and off manually in hubitat, but in HSM, it won't give it as an option for intrusion alert, I assume because hubitat sees it as a switch and not as a siren.
Is there a workaround for this so I can have the siren go off if the alarm gets tripped?
Thanks in advance for any advice from all the great people on this forum.

I'm no expert, but I'd suggest creating a Virtual Device of something like the Aeon Siren.

Then write a rule in RM that triggers off a Virtual Siren activation. Use the Virtual Siren in HSM, then when HSM activates the Virt Siren you can switch your siren on.

I'd have to screw around with RM to figure it out, but it seems like it should be relatively straight forward.

edit As it turns out, I think you can bypass the virtual switch entirely. If you look in RM triggers, there are two trigger types that allow you to react directly to HSM states. If you use one of those, you can create a simple RM rule to throw your switch (turning on or off your siren) with a simple conditional.


P.S. Welcome!

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no virtual device needed,it's kinda built in to HSM use the "alert with lights" option, and select the plug. I do the same exact thing


Thanks alot. Don't know how I missed that. It worked perfectly.

Good information. I'm planning on building an outdoor siren and wasn't sure how to get it to work. The difference is that I'll use a relay.

I like my cheap dragon z-wave plus dimmer, as it supports "flash" command, so I can pulse the siren, because it's 110dB and not my neighbor's favorite, but absolutely a relay will work.

God I love this platform

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I just have HSM turn on the plug the siren's power supply connects to. It works fine. I have two 120db 12v sirens, they are VERY loud. I'm afraid if they're tripped in the middle of the night they'll find us dead of heart attacks!