Question re Restore command in RM?

I'm trying to create a simple rule that restores the state of some devices. I've used this function just fine before but now in RM5 (or 4) when I select Restore, it no longer allows me to select a device. Did the construct for the restore function change and I missed the release note, or is something else going on? I tried it in both RM5 and RM4, and I tried it on two different hubs. I'm on release

It never did. It restores those devices that were captured. The Capture action needs to precede the Restore action in the rule. Capture and Restore only work within a single rule as a matched pair.

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Ah ok. My misunderstanding. In my older RM4 rules it actually displays the device in question. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm gonna modify the subject accordingly.

It does if there is a Capture action first, then it displays those devices selected in the Capture.

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 12.02.21 PM

Works the same in Rule-4.x and Rule 5.0.

Aha! That explains it. Thanks! My understanding of how capture/restore worked was flawed, though in the cases where I used it previously I used it as you described.

To restore a bunch of bulbs after power failure, this would work.

Capture bulbs
Wait for Event System Start
Restore bulbs

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Hah obviously you were reading the other thread... :slight_smile: Lemme go share that info there.

Not sure when you would want to trigger this, since bulb state changes....

I was thinking you could have it run every 15 min. The WAIT would get canceled every time the rule ran again. And instead of restoring on system start up you could have it restore when your ring range extender went back to mains power. Assuming of course your hub outlasted the outage!

Though the use case in the other post is different, I only need the hub to stay on for about 30 seconds if there's a commercial power failure. That's the time it takes the transfer switch to switch to standby power and the generator to start. The UPS is 1200 watts, should keep it going for quite some time.