Question re: OLD Inovelli Switch

I have a GE switch that died and I happen to have one of the OLD Innoveli switches laying around that never got installed (Bought it when I was still using ST, and just never got around to installing it). Will the OLD Innovelli switches work with HE? Do i need to try to get some special code? or will the work with one of the generic drivers? It's just a switch in the garage, so I don't need ti to do much, just on and off with a motion sensor, automation or physical.

If it is the z-wave plus mode, then yes, it will work. It should pick the correct driver when it is paired with the hub as that devices is on the supported devices list.

Yep. its the zwave plus, but I can't get it to pair. I also tried doing a zwave exclude, and repair (added several outlets this morning), no dice. doesn't do a thing. It's wired right, because the switch itself works. I just cant get it to pair. Would have liked to at least used that switch. Guess i'll just order one of the new ones.

I have two NZW31 Gen 1 Inovelli's running on my hub. Absolute no issues.
I'm using the Inovelli dimmer driver, mind has the last change dated "2019-09-02"

Note there are two drivers, one for the NZW31 and another for the NZW31 with Scene capabilities.

As for being unable to pair:

  1. I remember the timing to the pairing button was finicky, it took me numerous tries to pair to my C4. I would try pressing the toggle slower then faster. I don't recall what speed I use to successfully pair.

  2. Reset your dimmer to factory default might help, from the manual......
    Please use your controller to remove the device from the network. To factory reset, toggle UP the switch 10x in a row when powered on. However, please only use this method if your controller is missing or inoperable.



Something else worth trying is to flip the breaker after a factory reset and multiple excludes. Devices will be finicky with that sometimes :slight_smile:

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