Question on how to turn on Hue Bulbs

Hello All

I recently converted from Smartthings and starting to develop more complex rules. I'm getting the learning curve down from the two different products but encountered a problem. I created a rule to turn on our bedroom lights at 40% if a few things occur (mode, lux, tv off, lamps already off). I basically want to the lights to turn on if nobody is in the room. Everything is working up until I get to the Actions to Run event. My two hue lamps are not turning on. I currently have it set to Switch On and then Dim. Is there a better way on turning on a Hue light bulb? I thought the correct way in Hubitat was On/Off for Hue lights?


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Nothing will happen without a trigger.

You have required expressions which are basically tests that say IF all these conditions are turn then we may want to execute this rule once something triggers the actions.

So my guess is you want the Motion Master Bedroom to be the trigger and it should not be in required expressions.

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Thank you so much, I appreciate the help!

You shouldn't have to send both "on" and "dim". sending the level event should turn them on. Are you using the Hue bridge? That is the recommended method for using Hue bulbs.