Question in Regards to dev. ## and log question

Glad that I am able to post. First just getting my feet wet with the new hub but so far thumbs up! So when you are in logging there is a dev.## displayed on the left hand side of the updating log that appears to correspond to a device. If that is correct is there a matching value in the device properties or is this perhaps something is a per session only reference? I see a deviceid value but that does not match the dev.## id. Just curious, sometimes for me it is easier to remember a sequence of numbers when troubleshoot rather than some whacked out name that I thought was good at the time.

And another question, but if you have not figured by now I am not as advanced as many others! So in logging I have a Iris Motion Sensor 3326-L that is using the generic zigbee motion sensor and when motion becomes active it displays “parse: zone status 0x0026 – extended status 0x00”. Just curious if this is some type of traniest vs engaged motion? I don’t think it is but again just curiosity.

Thanks again and looking forward to adding more devices and trying more things. I have a lot of different devices just like the rest in the group so I am looking forward to helping out where I can. Right now I am going to take it slow transitioning over. I have a few devices here that I can lab test without creating disco night in the house. That is always fun! Then I will start to switch over to Hubitat more and more.

When devices are initially paired to our drivers they enter an extended logging phase for 30 minutes, after which it turns off by itself.