Question about Zigbee/Zwave interactions on the hub.. getting some weird issues maybe

So likely in my fooling around I may have done something odd again..

I have a simple RM triggered rule that kicks off a beep on my old Aeon doorbell chime (doorbell itself is lost to history) when one of my outside doors is opened - have Aeotec Z-Wave recessed door sensors in each. This has been working really well for a while until recently.

I just installed 2 OSRAM RGBW Zigbee lights in my front porch light in anticipation of Halloween. The porch light itself is also controlled from a Zwave Aeotec Micro switch. The obvious issue is when the porch light is off during the day the bulbs are not communicating with the hub. Don't know how serious this is but I've now noticed the door alert seemingly at random is now either slower to respond or fails to respond at all. I'm not entirely sure it's due to the Zigbee bulbs but was wondering if that could have an impact.

The other thing it could be is I paired a GE Z-Wave outdoor outlet - this may be unplugged sometimes - would that affect the network? I guess it would if it was acting as a repeater. for certain devices..

On a side note when I migrated my devices I accidentally paired some as encrypted and some not - extra button pushes for impatient people like me. I realize encrypted can be slower but it was working fine before.

I just ran a Z-Wave repair, made sure the outdoor outlet was plugged in and it's evening so the front porch light (and bulbs) are on. The RM trigger rule is working albeit a tad slow..

My Z-wave devices/repeaters are fairly close to the hub so I'm not sure signal is an issue.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Zigbee and zwave won't argue with each other, meaning the introduction of the osrams isn't going to gank up your zwave network.
Having the osrams on the end of a switch isn't going to hurt them either (unless someone whacks on the switch enough to reset them), though to avoid confusion you might want to disable the rule controlling the micro (leaving it on), and control the osrams that directly.

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Thanks for responding! I did not think there would be radio interference rather some sort of hub processing issue maybe.. I realize that is probably unlikely but wanted to float the idea anyway.

To complicate matters my porch light and lamp post are connected together so I need to turn off the porch light off to turn the lamp post off - huzzah for the previous owners mad DIY skillz.

For any rule I would probably turn on the switch then wait a few seconds and set the color.

I suspect the real issue is in my fumbling around I may have caused some instability in the Z-Wave network. After the repair I just ran I should probably wait a few days to see how things settle down...

Maybe leave the live logging open when you are doing the Z-Wave repair and see if there's anything odd. I suspect the intermittent plug is your problem.

So this morning I opened my front door and my triggered rule failed to work again.. it was working fine previously.. The door registered as opened and the doorbell was on "playing track 6" but nothing happened. Z-wave looks okay I guess - events are showing up as they should. I went to devices and clicked beep and it played fine. Maybe will adjust the rule to poll the doorbell or something.. I might rollback this latest update just to see what happens.

I edited the trigger rule switched action to speak + "6" and that did not work at all so switched back to tone and now things seem to be working. Left and came back and no issue. Changing then Re-saving the rule did the trick?

Should also mention front porch lights are off so probably not Zigbee related as you guys pointed out.