Question about partial hub migration with hub protect

Let's say I was planning on leaving some devices and apps running on the old hub. Namely, my three Zooz 4-in-1 sensors, 2 zigbee devices, and a couple of wi-fi/cloud services and basically just use the C7 as zwave only.

After restoring the database from the C5 to the C7, from what I can tell both hubs are identical at this point (which is why you need the zwave radio turned off on the old hub). Could I simply delete all the devices/apps I want to migrate from the old hub and delete the devices/apps I don't want to migrate from the new hub? Or is there a better way to do a partial migration?

Unpair the zwave and zigbee devices on the C-5 that will remain on the C-5.

Then do a HP backup and migration.

Then factory reset the C-5, and add the desired devices back.