Question about moving a motion sensor

I have a motion sensor which is already paired to my C-7 but I am going to redeploy it to another part of the house. So my questions is, in the Z-Wave Details page, do I press Refresh or Repair after I move it to its new location?

I'd do a refresh just to see if it will find it's way back on it's own. Then try the repair.

Remember, each of those just trigger a process out in the Radio. It can take the Radio 5 minutes or more to decide it can or cannot complete the process. In other words, don't just click and click. Click and wait 8 mins... then do the jumping/waving in front of the motion sensor :smiley:

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If it's Z-Wave Plus and most or all of your repeaters are also Z-Wave Plus, I'd personally just move it and not do anything. :slight_smile: It should eventually figure things out unless it's "classic" or working with repeaters that are, in which case a repair may indeed be necessary (but could speed things up for Plus, too, and shouldn't hurt anything either way).

Assuming your sensor is battery powered, "refresh" probably won't do anything unless it's awake (unlikely at that exact moment unless you perform its wakeup procedure--see the manual) or it's mains/USB-powered or FLiRS/beaming-capable (and therefore more or less always awake or wake-able). And someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't do anything besides try to ping the device and update its status (e.g., if it thinks it's failed but is actually reachable). But as stated above, this could help you figure out whether the device still can respond where it is, at least if it's awake. :smiley: (Since it's a sensor and the vast majority of these are battery powered and pretty much none are FLiRS, I'm assuming yours is, too, but of course you and not me would know your actual device.)

"Repair" will also just skip it if it's not awake, again as most battery devices are likely to be, though staff said they are looking at ways to address this in the future by getting it the next time it wakes up.

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