Question about migrating from Homeseer

Hello, have been a 6 year Homeseer user. My biggest problem with HomeSeer is the lack of a quality dashboard. I have been using Imperihome for years and my family loves it, but that 3rd party has gone under and the app is starting to fall apart (no more updates, can’t add devices, etc). I need a dashboard that can have multiple devices, like all basement lights, controlled by one tile. This was the main selling point for imperihome, is that they had composite tiles that grouped multiple devices together. Can the Hubitat dashboard do that? Can Hubitut control WiFi Arduino boards, Ecobee, Hue, and Harmony Hub? I don’t mind taking the time learning the integrations and moving all the Z-Wave devices over if the hub is reliable and has a decent dashboard.

Yes just throw whatever devices you want into a group and then add that group to the dashboard. All the integrations you mentioned are actively used on Hubitat. There are also several dashboard options to choose from based on what kind of look you are going for. I personally use Smartly by @spelcheck

Yes all the integrations you asked about are possible. Ecobee, hue & harmony.
And for arduino, we have


and check out

all developed by community members. The development coming out of the community is pretty amazing.

Good Luck

Thanks everyone, I'm going to get one and try it out

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