Question about Konnected devices in Rules

I recently installed a Konnected Pro to replace my legacy ADT panel and successfully paired it with Hubitat. I attempted to write a rule (5.1) where I was going to trigger a few commands if the door sensor connected to Konnected was opened. I'm unable to "see" the Konnected devices while I'm creating a rule. Is this a limitation? If not, please advise how I can use those devices in my rules.

Within your rule, what capability are you selecting for your trigger device? I use "Contact" for a door sensor.

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Make sure you exercise each of the physical Konnected devices to make sure that each corresponding Hubitat device populates the proper device attributes on its corresponding Hubitag hub device details page. For example, each contact sensor should show an attribute of “contact” with a state of ‘open’ or ‘closed’. If these attributes are not populated, RM a will not display them, IIRC.

@Pantheon ... that was my mistake (I wasn't looking for Contact". That fixed my issue so much thanks.


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