Question about hub backup

I currently have 4 hubs active and I purchased a 5th as a backup. One of my hubs only runs rules, and has cloud based devices so no Zigbee or Z-wave. I have the radios turned off.

So to test my 5th hub I backed up and shut down my rules hub. I originally had my router setup to set a fixed IP for the hub, but before backing up I set the fixed IP in the hub settings. I removed the fixed IP setup from my router. My thinking was that with a backup of the old hub when the new hub is restored from that backup it steps right in and takes over on the same IP. Most every thing worked. I had to open the Amazon Alexa skill and hit done before the Alexa devices would respond. I also had to click though the setup on Hubconnect and insert the security key back on the ST side but that was pretty easy to do.

This lead to a couple of issues that I am not sure how to resolve. They are as follows and I wondered if anyone has solutions for them.

  1. I now show two hubs on my mobile app list with the same name. I can select the one connected and everything still seems to work, but is there a way to disable a hub based on MAC or something else.

  2. All my apps seemed to start back up and run except for Hubigraphs, it looks like the backup did not include the long term storage files created by Hubigraphs. I always assumed that a backup backed up everything but apparently not. So is this expected and do I need to start backing those files up separately? My home energy graphs keep daily energy usage back for a month and my monthly has usage back for a year. Other graphs I could let it rebuild. Although it generated a bunch of errors in my logs and sent the Error monitor app into a frenzy of push notifications.

NOTE: Backup includes the hub database only. It does not backup files you have uploaded to your hub with File Manager. Please be sure you backup these files manually.

Hub Protect - Hubitat Documentation.