Question about automation on Google Home

Have exposed one virtual switch to Google Home Hub as a test. Trying to figure out if the switch is toggled, what are the options to get Google home trigger an action based on that switch being toggled. Is that even possible? Have been looking @ online forums and on the Google Home App... no luck yet.
Has anyone done this? Any suggestions/recommendations?

Not possible, Google Home app only allows 4 triggers: voice activation, time based, Sunrise/Sunset and when you dismiss an alarm.


Google home can also act based on presence, under the Home and Away routines. I use it as part of my presence combiner to determine actual presence.

Doesn't really help your situation but useful in other situations.

bummer :frowning:
I was trying to see if I could trigger my nest thermostat based on a rule in Hubitat... back the drawing board then!

Have you seen @yracine66's Nest integration?

Had seen it... I wanted to avoid downloading and installing another app to be able to trigger the Nest thru rule machine.
Not a deal breaker...

I needed to do a little more than google could do, ended up switching to alexa which allows toggling of virtual switches and access to a couple of cloud items I have works well. Other than that I simply use it for grouped music speakers (which was crippled on google with the sonos court case)

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