Question about adding devices to a dashboard

I have GE ZW4201 and Minston MP22Z outdoor outlets that I had on previous Hubitat and recently tried to add to my new Hubitat. I'm running the latest OS.
I can see both devices in the device list, toggle them on/off and they both work.
What I can't see is the name I gave them when trying to add them to my outdoor dashboard. I've deleted and add them a number of times, still no joy.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

You need to first add the devices to the Dashboard app, before they can be added to any Dashboard.


Hub documentation article on how to use dashboards is here.

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Go to Apps > Hubitat Dashboard and select the dashboard. There you will see Select Devices. After you select the devices you want to use in that dashboard, you will be able to add them to the dashboard.

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Thank you all for the assistance, I guess I forgot about adding them to the app.
It's been a while since I changed anything since migrating from original hubitat and memory isn't what it used to be.
I'm still getting used to all the new features in the new Hubitat.
Thanks Much,


That means everything's been working as it should!

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