Qubino Thermostat Idle Operating state doesn't show the difference between set-point reached and load off

Hello people, I have a Qubino Thermostat that's controlling a pump for a radiator system.

It operates in cooling mode with the temperature sensor measuring a buffer tank that supplies the radiators. So, the thermostat/pump's job is to cool the tank down to a cool set-point where the pump will stop operating.

Also, the radiator valves control a dry-contact relay which is between the thermostat output and the pump (so it can turn the pump on when heat is required)

Right, so the 'Operating State' of the Thermostat Device in Rule Machine seems to only ever reports two values:

  • Cooling - when the temp is above the set-point AND the pump is running
  • Idle - when the temp is above the set-point and the pump is not running (because the relay is disconnected - ie, there is no load) OR the temp has reached the set-point.

Is there someone familiar with the driver code / Qubino device that knows if there's a way the thermostat can report that it's reached the set-point? The possible values for operating state include pending cool - I assume that should be the condition when the tank is above the set-point but there's no load? (wishful thinking perhaps?)

Should the Qubino driver ever be reporting the pending cool state?

There is a version 2 of the thermostat (I have v1) - could swapping to that device fix my problem?

I can compare the temperatures but I'd like to take full opportunity of the device's hysteresis settings.

Thanks wise people!

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