Qubino Flush 1d Relay for gate/garage to Google Home

New to HE,

I just installed the qubino 1d relay for my gate with a wired sensor. (currently using the HE driver and it works just fine). The control is a momentary switch.

  • My goal is to be able to say "open gate" or "close gate" on GH as they plan to move to local control. I also want to make sure that if the gate is already open and I say "open gate" that the gate doesn't close. I was using the gogogate2 with IFTTT for GH control but I am trying to make it all local with the 1d relay for speed and reliability.

  • I am aware that GH is able to do a switch, but can GH manage gate control switches that I'm not aware of? My current set-up, the control for GH is "turn gate on" instead of "open gate". I have several rules that manage this, but am I missing a simpler solution? I know this in minute, but ensuring ease of use for the wife and kids is helpful.

Any suggestions?

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