Qubino DC Shutter & Motorized Blinds

I previously used a Qubino Shutter DC module to control a motorized lift. I struggled with the driver and ended up using the physical limit settings on the motor I was controlling.

Trying again on a motorized shade, and still struggling with the driver and setting limits. Unfortunately, this time my motor (Somfy R28 Wired, Roll Up Wired™ R28 WT) isn't respecting the limits set with its own limit switch. I believe thats because its still in "factory" mode. You get out of factory mode by hitting the up and down buttons on the controller simultaneously, which obviously can't be done using the Qubino.

I was able to get close to my desired positions using the Motor Moving Time setting, but it is either too high or too low because you can only adjust in full-second increments.

I'm able to start motion, but none of the commands stop it. Open initiates one direction, Close reverses the direction, but doesn't stop. Similar with On and Off. I can click the stop button all I want, but the status never changes to off.

The only way I've been able to calibrate is to start the motion, and then pull the power to the motor, then toggle the limit switches.

I'm unclear what the driver settings actually do. I was able to use "Set Position" to move the motor, but it was inconsistent in where it would end up. It seems like the controller doesn't like operating from a partially open position. Similarly, I wasn't able to move the motor in small increments. Each time I needed to move the motor at least 10% and then move it back.

Should I be using "set level" vs "set position"? Or if I should be using Calibrate or Configure? Or how to edit the state variables?

I tried using the generic Z-wave Shade driver, but had similar luck.