Quality Door/Window Contact Sensors?

** scratch this. After using Smatthings generic driver and commenting out the notification section of the driver. The sensors reports only once instead of duplicates. Thanks to the help of krlaframboi **

What are some good window/door contact sensors you guys would suggest?

I'm looking at iris v2 door/window contact sensors. Are these good?

I currently have Ecolink z-wave units but with all the duplicate messages, i'm unable to use them for chimes on my main doors.

Yes. And you can find them on eBay at a good price. If you have zigbee repeaters that work with Xiaomi sensors (like Tradfri ones), then I'd suggest you consider them as well. They're inexpensive, and very reliable, with the right repeaters.

I like the NYCE contact sensors. You can find them on Amazon. Little pricey but very small and the battery life is amazing!