Qolsys Alarm Panel error

I am constantly receiving the below error in my logs. I'm able to get to the different devices and include them in rules, etc., but wondering if there is a way to alleviate this

Everything works fine, but I do see the error " dev:46562023-04-27 12:13:28.797 PMerrorQolSys IQ Alarm Panel: no messages received in 16.1118 minutes, reconnecting.." constantly in the logs

Best to post in the thread for that integration.

Ignore that, it's harmless.

The problem is that the driver has no way to know if it's connected to the panel or not. In the past, I've seen situations where the panel simply stopped sending anything and the HE driver was unaware of that. The alarm panel would not start sending messages again until the connection was reestablished by the driver.

To fix that, I record the last date/time a message was received and if nothing was received by the timeout threshold, the driver closes and reopens the connection to the panel. That is the log entry you're seeing. I think that if you only have a few sensors in your alarm system the panel will not report as often as a system with a lot of sensors. I'll probably make that time period configurable, but I haven't had time to work on this for a while.

Thank you.

BTW, I do have "Show Info Logs", "Show Warning Logs", "Show Debug Logs", and "Show Detailed Logs" all off, but the info is still appearing in the logs. Just an FYI...

Error messages, by design, typically bypass any user config.

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