Put Hubitat HE7 power supply on a smart switch

I put the HE7 power supply on a smart switch so that I can do a shut-down, disconnect power, and restart remotely.

Highly recommended!

Oh, I am using a Tuya smart switch and the Tuya app that doesn't depend on the HE7.

Important detail!

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$6.49 :slightly_smiling_face:

SONOFF Micro - 5V Wireless USB Smart Adaptor

Model: M0802010006



Availability: In stock

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Wish they made a zigbee version of that.

Is that due to a general preference for non-WiFi devices or some other reason?

What uses do you see for this function?


Wouldn't I have to flash the WiFi version to control it locally? Without that, I'd lose control if my WiFi network were down for some reason, or for that matter the ewelink cloud.

I have each of my Hubitats plugged into a zigbee plug (plugged in turn into a UPS) that is controlled using zigbee2mqtt. When there's a power outage longer than 30 minutes, I have a node-red sequence that does a controlled shutdown of each Hubitat. Following which, the zigbee outlet is turned off.

That's brilliant!

I'm not there yet.

As I have said before, if the Internet is down I will just have to unplug my HE7 from power with my bare hands like the pioneers did.


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The power to my Hubitats and most of my other "hubs/bridges" is accessible, but difficult to access. So they're all on zigbee outlets on a UPS. All, except the SBC that runs NR. That one has a physical power switch that is accessible.

So in a power outage situation, it is the last thing that gets shutdown. And then I can manually restart it by flipping the power switch off and then back on. When it comes back on, it starts up zigbee2mqtt and node-red. Node-RED then runs a startup sequence where it tests whether the zigbee outlets to the Hubitats, Lutron bridge, and Harmony are off. If they're off, they get turned back on.


  • a PoE switch :slight_smile:

I used to have my HE connected to a smart switch, and then I had HA to automatically turn the switch back on after 30 seconds if I turned it off

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So you're turning off the power to the Hub and then repowering remotely? Doesn't anything get corrupted? There are constant warnings about that.

I'd like to be able to power the hub during a power outage and shutdown gracefully, but this node red, mqtt, or whatever is beyond my current comprehension.

Not quite.

I do a safe shutdown from the Hubitat app. Then I wait until I think that it is safely shut down.

Then I try to reload the Hubitat app to confirm that the hub is offline.

Then I cut power to the hub power supply with the Tuya app.

Then I restart power to the hub with the Tuya app.

It's still easier than going where the hub is located and physically unplugging the power supply.


That's my HE7 power supply plugged into the Tuya wifi switch with the light in the upper right.

Follow me for more cable management tips!


Still, it's from the local network and not remote. I was thinking remote, probably because I can just get my butt off the sofa and take three steps to the hub to unplug it.

Three steps - maybe.

My hub is in a whole other room!


my hub is on a whole other floor

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