Pushover notification with contact sensor

Hello everyone,

I just got my hubitat hub last week and setup my first device (outlet) and it’s working great so far. Albeit there’s a slight learning curve with the whole process.

I’m trying to setup my next device, the new version ST multipurpose sensor for monitoring a door using pushover for notifications.
I setup the device and it works as it's supposed to (i.e. I open/close the contact and it shows in the dashboard the actions). But when it comes to the notifications it doesn’t message me right away.

I set the notification app to monitor the sensor for 1 minute (which is the min) and for open and close states but it only notifies me of the open state and after like a minute or so.

Is this normal? Is there something I’m missing to make notifications “react” faster to send out the message?

How would I configure the app so that I know when both events (open and close) occur? I’ve already tried one notification with both states but it only pushes the open state. Two individual notifications (open/closed) but it pushes the closed state.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Can you show a screenshot of your notification app?

I'll do so when I get home from work.:+1:

Here it is Ryan

This is set up to only send a notification if the sensor is open for 1 minute. So, i would not expect this to send a notification immediately when it is opened. Remove the for minutes and then check it.


Yeah, the way you have that setup it's going to notify you if that sensor is open for more than a minute - hence the "delay".


You guys are amazing. It works like a charm now. :+1:


I've been playing with pushover and the hubitat push notifications and both seem to work great.

Just wondering why one would go with pushover and not just use the free hubitat feature?

There will be a better log with Pushover compared to the official app, this could be valuable for some.