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Since Hubitat will no longer provide SMS notification, I signed up for Pushover. I added the Pushover app. Pushover correctly notifies me in my basic rules. All I did was to choose Pushover for my notification, but I keep getting this error:

2019-08-29 12:39:26.894 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method startsWith() on null object (speak)

I click on the error and it brings me to 'Devices' I never touched anything in there. The top two boxes under COMMANDS for Device notifications, the Text and Speak are blank. I also added my API Key and User Key for Pushover. Am I doing something wrong, do I have to fill in something there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have a virtual device with your phone created that is using the pushover native driver? Once you do you need to add the pushover account credentials into the driver settings.

No, in fact I don't have any virtual devices set up in Hubitat. I just have plain rules to tell me if Mode has switched from Armed to Day. just those kind of things and my water sensors use Pushover to tell me if there was a water leak and if my battery levels reach a certain level

That is why you're getting the error I would assume, until you create a device with the pushover driver, which has your pushover credentials, it doesn't know where to send the notifications to

But I get Pushover notifications that Pushover sends to my phone. I entered all the info needed in the pushover device section, I entered the API Key #, and my User key

That was what I was asking, if you have that then something else is the issue, I don't know much more than that. I'll leave it to someone else to help out

Truly appreciated you trying to help! I have my phone listed in DEVICES as your screen print shows on your Moto Z2 Force and type device being Mobile App device, but I don't have one like your first example with Pushover driver

The device you said you entered in your API key and User Key should have that Pushover driver listed in your devices?

The first device is for pushover (Moto Z2)

The second device is for the mobile app (Moto Z2 Force)

Thats exactly how my Device list shows how I filled in the user spaces with the API Key, User Key and Device name is my phone name.

That is the section that pops up when I click on the red error message in my logs

When you are in the device setting page for the pushover device, have you tried putting some text into the textbox and clicking ‘speak’?

If you get that text on your phone then it is the app which is wrong not the device.
It’s the easiest way to tell if the device itself is working.


I just put a phrase in the "Speak" section hit enter and my phone came up with Pushover and a TEXT I had just put in not a voice message. So theres something in the app I have to correct? Really APPRECIATE your help

Yep! :slight_smile:
Either a misconfiguration or code error

The original error message says that there is no message to speak...


Humm, i just went into the settings section in Pushover on my phone and not much in there concerning voice messages, just alert settings, default tone, high priority alarm and Vibrate. The rest is email address, quiet hours which I have OFF and Device name. I'm lost lolo, which isn't new, but I'll keep looking. Thanks for your help

Not the pushover app.. whatever you are using to trigger/send the message.

If you received the message correctly when trying from the device page then the device config and your pushover app are ok.

The problem lies with whatever you are using to send the message to the pushover device

OHHH! Thanks for your patience. I see in HSM for my intrusion alert there is an Audio alert configuration that I left blank.Do I have to configure each Rule that has this option to use Pushover and with an Audio alert?

I checked all my rules and notifications, I don't have any that utilize Pushover that utilize an Audio message option, all are left blank and should just send a text message

Pushover only supports TEXT messages. Your phone will never have an 'Audio' message from Hubitat via Pushover.

The reason why the Pushover Driver supports both the Notification and Speak capabilities is historical... Back in the early days of Hubitat, some apps only supported SMS text messaging and Speech. So, in order to get the string over to Pushover, I added the Speech Synthesis Capability (i.e. the Speak Command you see on the device details page.)

Regardless of how you call it... via Notification or Speak, you will end up with a text Push notification. In fact, the speak() command calls the notification() command...

TL/DR - Pushover supports text push messages only. Use it as a Notifications device, not as a speech device.

Thanks to all in helping me understand the Pushover device AND Wayne who directed me to check for a virtual phone. I searched and searched all my rules , and none had a virtual phone being used. I then found, a rule that when opened showed an option to choose a virtual phone that, truthfully I don't even remember making and one I wasn't using or had chosen . I deleted that virtual phone and finally that red error in the log has stopped. That virtual phone wasn't being used but again it showed up as an option any time a phone was needed to be chosen. Wayne, with his patience, steered me toward the virtual phone idea and once deleted , stopped that red error under Pushover .

Again, a big thank you to all. The Hubitat community has always come through for me and hopefully one day, I'll be able to help others, repaying all that have helped me.


I'm embarrassed to tell you but after 4 months i figured out the pushover error.i realized it only occurred when one of my cars departed. I use Presence Central and only wanted it to work on arrivals not departures so never entered a message for departures. Apparently both arrival AND departures need a message to report because Pushover looks for BOTH. Once I zeroed in on just departures causing the error, i entered a message in Presence Central's departure area and the Pushover errors are gone! Just thought this may help others.

So, perhaps Presence Central should check to make sure there is a message before calling Pushover... :thinking:

The Pushover driver could probably also be tweaked to ignore empty messages instead of throwing an error...:thinking:

I wasn’t aware of this error. And will fix it.
Workaround.: put a space in the ‘away’ messages

But I would need to know exactly how PC was configured for your cars
E.g which group, if any, was used etc.


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