Pushover and Hubitat notifications not working (when using G-Suite)

Since I have my Hubitat notifications are not working. I've had contact with BobbyD from support about it and he cannot find anything wrong with it.
My situation:
1x Hubitat HUB
2x Xiaomi Pocophone F1
To be clear, my wifes Pocophone works great with notifications from Hubitat.

Now since I finally got to the point I actually have a use case for notifications I started installing Pushover, since I don't need Hubitat app for notifications. So I registered and then it comes to the point where you have to register a device (see screenshot). It gives an error about not being able to register at Google Play Services. Now I have Googled that error and found not many results, just one Reddit post saying I have to clear the data of the Google Play Services app. I did that, no joy. Rebooted phone, cleared data again, no joy... So I'm in the dark at the moment. I will test Pushover on my wifes phone when she gets back home (I bet it works right away though). If any of you has any experience with this I would love to hear a sollution (without factory resetting my phone please :joy:)

Ok, since I'm not good at waiting... Patience is not one of my virtuous.
I went on looking in another direction. The main difference between my wife and I is that I have a paid Google business account (G-suite). So I logged into my G-suite admin console and went on wondering around in the world of million settings it provides. After a while I stumbled upon "device management" > "app management" > "Manage apps for android devices" > "Manage whitelist app".
So I pushed the button and got a list of 11 apps. I added Pushover and the Hubitat app and now it's working. Though I don't understand why these apps need to be on the whitelist while Whatsapp, Telegram and a lot of other apps can give me notifications on my device without being on the whitelist.

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I use g apps and I didnt need to do that for pushover to work.

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It could be that it is dependent on any of the other million settings in G-suite. I don't know. To be honest, G-suite admin console is imho a sluggish hell to go through. If I could migrate to some other service I would right away, but I don't think there is one. (tried MS 365 once, didn't work for me)


I ditched g-Suite 2 years ago because of crap like that. As you said, using the Admin console is like talking a slow stroll through the ninth level of hell. Then, the constant barrage of "[insert app name/service name] doesn't work with g-Suite accounts" really ticked me off.

I have a paid O365 account for home and one for work and it works perfectly for my use cases. Microsoft has come a LONG way in terms of Android support for the apps.

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