Push Notifications

I have a number of Push Notifications that go to the mobile app and are working great. Is there a way to view push notifications from the web app? I don't see an option. Ideally, I would like an app in the web interface whereby I could view the push notifications for user "scott".

Any ideas?

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Unfortunately not. The phone app has a way to do it but that dose t show the entire message so I never use it.
The best, and maybe the only, way is to go to your devices and select your phone. Click the Events button at the top and you will see notifications sent to that device.

UPDATE I just came to think of another way. You can add your phone as a device on a dashboard and if you then click the three dots on the tile you can look at the same list as the Events in the previous way by clicking History.

What template would you choose? I couldn't see anything that applied.

edit: I just hit Presence, and that served the purpose.

I use notifications on my phone regularly, and have a smart watch so it makes things easier!

Though, I use this separately on my dashboards to update them so I can just glance at it and know whats going on. I have added to the custom controller and added a few other Var commands so I have multiple items I can update. I have one for general status, washing machine status, dryer status, dog fed status, and when the dog needs to go out status.

I use Webcore and have that update upon condition changes, but I don't see why you couldn't use RM or whatever else you may use for it.

I am one of those people that just does not rely on mobile apps. To me, the biggest strength of HE is being able to do all the setup, monitoring and management of HE from my web browser on my LAN. I use the mobile app only for the functionality of a presence device and geofence. If it were not for that feature, I would not have used it at all.

My point is that push notifications are to an account and it should be possible to access them from the web interface or someone should consider an app that can do so. Having to go back to a mobile phone for notification status is a lack of application symmetry.

Maybe I'm missing something but from how I read it I think this is what you're looking for?

I see where you have template type attribute and I see where you have notification text as your attribute. What device have you created that has this attribute? ie...which device did you pick in the first column and what device driver is it using?

The presence sensor for your phone. The same device you're targeting with TTS. It's configured at the time of creation with the Mobile app device type.

Aww, thank you. I realize that should have been intuitive. It looks like it brings in the most recent notification text to the dashboard tile. I was hoping for something like you get in the mobile app which lists the notifications and then you can tap on one to expand the full text. Often my push notifications involve 100 characters or so and I need to see the full content. This seems like a missing application implementation to me. Am I wrong?

It would be nice, when the app first came out we had the recent notifications list in the app but similar to what you see now but only on iOS. Then they removed it for a long time and it just came back maybe a month or two ago. You still can't click on them to read the whole thing but it's better than nothing.

I use Pushover mostly since their doesn't seem to be a maximum carachter limit at least not that I've hit yet and you can go back later to read the whole message as well. However the dashboard can't do anything with that.

I think @bptworld might have an app that you can target with TTS and it will keep track of the last few at least but I can't remember which one.

Edit: I believe it is Follow Me.

Good points. In my Android HE mobile client I can see a tabular list of all push notifications. In addition, I can tap on any of them to expend to the full text of the message. This is great. I think that the web interface needed something like this. Perhaps if a specialized mobile user named "Console" or "Admin" could exist and receive push notifications like any other mobile user, that would be great utility.

Imagine that the web interface could have a notifications console to track these notifications. The web interface already has system events and logs. Clearly a notifications section should be added or barring that, an app that could provide this visibility.

I used Attribute -> Last updated so the last contact with the phone shows on the Dashboard